Wall mounted transmitter 4-channels WS-CH-102

Wall mounted transmitter 4-channels WS-CH-102


for swiss frame systems 58 mm

The Omnio wall mounted transmitter 4-channels WS-CH-102 is a battery-less and maintenance-free transmitter including a single and double rockers with centre position compatible with the switch product ranges of Feller EDIZIOdue, ABB Sidus and Hager kallysto.line. To install with screws or adhesive foil. Optional mounting plates allow mounting in different combinations. Delivery includes single rocker (1 pc), double rockers (2 pcs), Feller EDIZIOdue cover frame, and double sided adhesive pad.

Without marking
Art.-No. 1251 150 (black)
Art.-No. 1251 153 (pure white)
Art.-No. 1251 200 (silver)
Art.-No. 1251 900 (Colour according to custom requirements)

With marking "O - I"
Art.-No. 1255 150 (black)
Art.-No. 1255 153 (pure white)
Art.-No. 1255 200 (silver)

With marking "arrow upwards/downwards"
Art.-No. 1256 150 (black)
Art.-No. 1256 153 (pure white)
Art.-No. 1256 200 (silver)

With marking "O - I" and "arrow upwards/downwards"
Art.-No. 1257 150 (black)
Art.-No. 1257 153 (pure white)
Art.-No. 1257 200 (silver)

Manual (PDF, 116 kB)