Omnio switching actuator 1-channel UPS230/08

Switching actuator 1-channel UPS230/08

The Omnio flush mounted multi switching actuator 1-channel UPS230/08 is a device for switching electrical loads. Its potential free output is able to be controlled by up to 50 Omnio radio transmitters. Each transmitter can be programmed with one of over twenty different functions, for example switch on, switch off, staircase light, sequential push-button, step-switch (AW20), timer (AW23/24/25), window and sliding door surveillance, programmable scenes and presence simulation. Bidirectional communication, EEP D2-01-01. ARCO ready (AWAG Remote Commissioning). In addition, this actuator can be used as repeater in case of range issues. Suitable for flush mounted sockets.

Art.-No. 3108 000

Manual (PDF, 500 kB)



S01 Switch with rocker
S04 Pulse doorbell
S05 Step switch
S06 Sequential push button
S09 Window contact
A24 Timer TimeSwitch
Adjust staircase light duration
Repeater function
Delete all transmitters
Factory settings