Omnio blind actuator 1-channel UPJ230/12

Blind actuator 1-channel UPJ230/12

The Omnio flush mounted multi blind actuator 1-channel UPJ230/12 is a device to control 230 V~ tubular motors of blinds, sun blinds, awnings, sliding gates or garage doors. Its two potential free interlocked outputs are able to regulate one drive and can be actuated from up to 30 Omnio radio transmitters. This allows the exact positioning of the blinds and the slats. Further features are monitoring of window and sliding doors, automatic functions for temperature- wind- and rain sensors and positioning functions including feedback to higher-level systems or visualisations. Bidirectional communication, EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP) D2-05-00. Suitable for flush- or surface mounted sockets. ARCO ready (AWAG Remote Commissioning). 

Art.-No. 3312 000

Manual (PDF, 530 kB)



J01 Move with rocker short
J06 Window contact
Repeater function
Delete all transmitters
Factory settings