Omnio window contact 1-channel FK101

Window contact 1-channel FK101

The Omnio window contact 1-channel FK101 is a battery-less and maintenance-free radio transmitter to monitor the condition of windows and doors. Typical application examples can be to turn off the heating while windows are open or to raise the blinds when sliding door opens. The window contact FK101 consists of a transmitter module driven by its own solar cell and a small counter magnet and can be fixed on window- and door frames made of wood, glass and aluminium.

Art.-No. 2101 153 (pure white)
Art.-No. 2101 150 (black)
Art.-No. 2101 200 (silver)

Spare magnet
Art.-No. 2101 090 (pure white)
Art.-No. 2101 091 (black)

Manual (PDF, 95 kB)