Window handle FG101
Window handle FG101 with locking system

Window handle FG101

The Omnio window handle FG101 is a battery less, maintenance-free and wireless transmitter to monitor the state of windows. It is able to detect the state “window opened”, “window closed” and “window tilted”. This handle has no lock and it can be mounted instead of the normal window handle.

Art.-No. 1350 000 (pure white)
Art.-No. 1351 000 (aluminium)
Art.-No. 1353 000 (brushed stainless steel)


The Omnio Fenstergriff FG111 offers the same features as the window handle FG101 but additionally contains a locking system.

Art.-No. 1360 000 (pure white)
Art.-No. 1361 000 (aluminium)
Art.-No. 1362 000 (brushed stainless steel)

Manual (PDF, 142 kB)