Omnio starter kit ES36-CH

Starter kit ES36-CH

The Omnio starter kit N° 36: Scheme 3 extension is a preconfigured kit for switching electrical loads. It can be installed without further configuration. The kit consists of an Omnio switching actuator miniS01 and an Omnio wall mounted transmitter WS-CH-102, which is already programmed with the function S01 switch with rocker. Its non-isolated 230 V~ output is able to be controlled by up to 50 Omnio radio transmitters. Each transmitter can be programmed with the function S01 switch with rocker. Via E-Tool software the functions S05 step switch and S06 sequential push-button can be programmed and the repeater can be activated as well. An existing, conventionally wired scheme 3 circuit can be connected directly to the extension input. Bidirectional communication, EEP D2-01-00. Suitable as built-in unit.

Art.-No. 9100 036

Manual (PDF, 330 kB)