Omnio E-Tool planning software

E-Tool planning software

With the freely available Omnio software E-Tool, all Omnio actuators can be configured completely and without manual access to the device via radio. This allows projects of any size to be conveniently planned, configured and documented at the desk. Subsequent changes or customer requests can also be implemented quickly and easily on site. With one scan command, all Omnio actuators within range can be found, including their configuration. The E-Tool software runs on the Windows operating system and is freely available for download, see link below. In addition, the SG-USB300 gateway (subject to charge) in the form of a USB stick is required as a link between EnOcean radio and computer.

E-Tool planning software V2.07 (ZIP, 5.5 MB)
Reference manual V1.20 (PDF, 3.3 MB)