Omnio E-Tool planning software

E-Tool planning software

With ARCO (AWAG Remote Commissioning for Omnio) all Omnio actuators can be programmed via radio transmission without touching any actuator at all. The powerful software E-Tool is Omnio’s backbone to plan, to program and to keep record of any project of any size at your own desk.

The free Omnio E-Tool planning software  is able to open up existing CSV-data and can be printed out as PDF-file. It serves as complete documentation for projects programmed through AWAG and to set gateways of the type APG03B.

The Omnio E-Tool planning software silver license however is capable of manually pointing out the parameterisation of all Omnio actuators. Additionally you can program cable blind actuators of the type KXJ.

The Omnio E-Tool planning software gold license allows the complete configuration of all Omnio actuators via radio transmission.

The Omnio E-Tool planning software demo license is a full version limited up to 60 days for trial purposes. A registered Omnio gateway SG-USB300 will be provided as product key.

Art.-No. 6101 990 (silver license)
Art.-No. 6101 991 (gold license)
Art.-No. 6101 993 (demo license)

E-Tool planning software V1.40 (ZIP, 1180 kB)
Reference manual V1.15 en (PDF, 4330 kB)