DALI light controller REG-LDALI-ME20x-U
DALI-EnOcean Gateway LENO-800

DALI light controller REG-LDALI-ME20x-U

The DIN rail mounted DALI light controller is a device for mounting on a 35-mm DIN-rail in distributing cabinets. It offers presence detector, constant lighting, different scenes, time control and many more functions. The communication between the light controller and all the lamps and sensors is realised with the standard DALI-protocol. The complete lighting system can be configured easily via the PC software LINX-configurator. It’s possible to integrate up to 64 DALI-GEB’s and 16 multi-sensors. The optionally available EnOcean Gateway LENO-800 can be used to teach in Omnio wall transmitters. This light controller is most suitable to minimise the mounting effort during refurbishing work and therefore saves plenty of time and installation costs. Mounting width 9TE. Typical applications: offices, hotels, department stores, schools and hospitals. 

DALI LightController
Art.-No. 5112 000 (1-channel)
Art.-No. 5112 010 (4-channel)

EnOcean Gateway
Art.-No. 5116 000 (incl. antenna)

Power supply
Art.-No. 5119 003 (for 4-channel only)

LDALI manual in German (PDF, 5800 kB)
LINX configurator manual in German (PDF, 7900 kB)