June, 15. 2018

Vorprogrammiert umbauen

Einsteigerset Nr. 10

Fachartikel ET Ausgabe 06/2018

Getreu dem Sprichwort "Der Appetit kommt beim Essen" entstehen Wünsche und Bedürfnisse meistens erst dann, wenn der Umbau oder die Erweiterung der elektrischen Installation schon in vollem Gange - oder noch schlimmer - bereits fertig sind.

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June, 11. 2018

Refittings and alterations done in a breeze

Starter set's
To the indoor starter sets
To the outdoor starter sets

The new Omnio starter kits are ideal for reconstructions or alterations within the electric
installation. Get your customer projects done in a blink. Based on the absolutely
maintenance-free EnOcean radio technology all switches and electric loads are connected
via radio transmission instead of the classical wiring.

  • Plug & Play - completely preconfigured kits
  • Alternatively mountable indoors or outdoors (protecion class IP55)
  • The actuator comes already programmed with the  basic funtion of the kit 
  • Really smal actuation (L x B x H): 37 x 27 x 18 mm
  • Delivery: 1 wall mounted transmitter and 1 EB-UNO acutator


Further information

Starter set N° 10: Switching with rocker

Starter set N° 15: Switching with push-button

Starter set N° 20: Timer TimeSwitch

Starter set N° 25: Timer EcoSwitch

Starter set N° 30: Doorbell 

Starter set N° 35: Scheme 3 extension

Starter set N° 50-NASS: Switching with push-button

Starter set N° 55-NASS: Timer TimeSwitch

Starter set N° 60-NASS: Doorbell 



December, 20. 2017

Zukunftsmusik in der Altersresidenz


In der Altersresidenz Singenberg in St. Gallen unterstützt unser Omnio® Gebäudeautomationssystem die Seniorinnen und Senioren in ihrem Alltag...

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June, 19. 2017

Ein Dimmer für alle Situationen

Ein Dimmer für alle Situationen

Fachartikel ET Ausgabe 06/2017

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January, 09. 2017

Omnio Weather station

The Omnio weather station is specifically developed to match the Omnio blind actuators. On one hand it is able to protect the blinds against strong winds and rain and on the other hand it can easily realise different intelligent shading functions. For instance at dawn the blinds automatically go up and back down again in the evening. Also you may use the blinds to control the intensity of the sunlight. 

December, 06. 2016

Intelligent DIN rail mounted actuators

The new Omnio DIN rail mounted atuators are based on the EnOcean radio technology specifically conceived for buildings. A truly competitive alternative to wired bus systems for manifold purposes within the range of lighting, shading and heating. They may be programmed manually or via radio signal and have the same powerful functional range as the Omnio flush mounted actuators, this however in fourfold or even eightfold performance.