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  • Omnio is cost-efficient
    and eco-friendly.
  • Wide individuality in
  • Highest flexibility
    during installation.
  • Sustainable EnOcean
    radio technology.
  • Maximum user comfort
    at minimum effort.

The intelligent radio bus system to control lighting, shading and heating of buildings.

Independently placeable transmitters.

Omnio transmitters may be placed independently. They neither need wiring nor batteries, nor any maintenance.

Simple planning.

Omnio simplifies planning. Customer requirements may be integrated in the planning process within a phone call.


Omnio projects may be completely preset on delivery. The electrician can be reassured that his project will work out flawlessly.


Omnio systems allow supplementary changes and extensions at any time. The intelligence is hidden in each receiver.

Smooth initial operation.

Omnio’s initial operation is a peace of cake. Any customer’s last-minute requirements can be implemented in a blink.


Omnio is a part of the electric installation and doesn’t require any central control unit. If any interference should occur, only individual parts of the system will fail. Omnio works without internet and therefore cannot be attacked by any hackers.